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Bi-directional, Real-time Intercom-Slack Integration

by @abs

Note: this integration is no longer available


This functionality is now a part of our new Sameroom Attend feature, which enables you to use your team chat—the mission control center—to respond to customer support inquiries across a variety of service (e.g., Twitter, Intercom, FB Messenger). To get started, go to

Respond to customers on Intercom from Slack

We just released (into private beta) a way to map Intercom conversations in Slack. When a customer asks you a question in Intercom, you'll see a new Slack channel that's auto-joined by your oncall team. In this channel, you can respond to the customer, talk amongst yourselves with our special “hush command”, and invite experts from your team to help resolve complex issues.

There are a number of benefits to using Slack as the "frontend" to Intercom:

  • For Intercom to be as effective as possible, you not only need to have every single person in your company on Intercom, you have to have everyone watching the dashboard at all times. Sure, you can handle Intercom conversations over email, but this makes it slower for a customer to convey a problem and harder for you to find the solution. With Sameroom integration, you can easily invite or mention the experts on your team to help with complex situations and interact with the customer in real time.

  • The Intercom UI can be slow and sluggish compared to Slack’s. Since Slack is designed for real-time communication, it’s better at enabling conversations that flow naturally and solve problems more quickly than Intercom, which is designed for a lot of other things like customer acquisition, engagement, and profiling.