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Facebook Login from Bulgaria

By @abs

Occasionally, when signing in to Sameroom with Facebook, you may see a warning, similar to this one:


As an immediate workaround, sign out of Facebook on the web, and then back in. Once you do that, you should be able to sign in to Sameroom.

Here are some additional details about this issue:

  1. Because Facebook doesn't provide an API for chat, we are forced to use use an approach similar to, where our server emulates a web browser.

  2. This means when you sign in to Sameroom with Facebook, Facebook treats this as a sign-in from another computer.

  3. Unfortunately, Facebook thinks our servers are in Bulgaria, which prompts a suspicious sign in warning message. (Our servers are actually in California.)

  4. The best way to ensure sign-in safety, opt-in for Login Approvals, described here:

    Once enabled, you can make sure you're giving access to Sameroom only, not someone actually in Bulgaria. To keep track of active sessions, go here:

    The Sameroom session will appear similar to this:


You have any questions, please contact us via in-app chat:


Connect Facebook Messenger to HipChat

Note: this integration is no longer available

HipChat is “team chat that's actually built for business”. However, sometimes a business may need to maintain an ongoing chat conversation with a contact on Facebook. What to do?

Not to worry.

Sameroom can help bridge a HipChat room with a Facebook Messenger chat. The resulting connection will give you a reliable, bi-directional, real-time communication channel.

To get started, add your HipChat and Facebook accounts to your Sameroom account here: You can log into your Sameroom account with any service you add.

Once that’s done, you can open a Tube via the Open a Tube flow. Choose the HipChat room for side A (create the room first, if necessary), and the Messenger conversation for side B.

We’re responsive on Twitter if you have any questions.

Connect Facebook Messenger to Slack

Note: this integration is no longer available

Slack helps you bring all your communication together in one place. That’s nice, but what if some of your communication happens in Facebook Messenger—now what?

Good news! With Sameroom, you can connect a conversation in Messenger to a channel in Slack. The resulting connection will give you real-time, bi-directional bridge between the two platforms.

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve got a Slack channel ready—create one if not. You can up an integration in two steps:

To fine-tune how your messages appear on both ends of the resulting Tube, you can adjust posting options.

If you’d like to respond to all Facebook Messenger conversations from Slack, you can use our Attend feature. It is designed for use with Facebook Pages, but it’ll work with a personal Facebook account as well.

If you have any questions, please reach out on Twitter.

Connect Facebook Messenger to Skype

Back in the good old days, Facebook Messenger and Skype interoperated by tapping into each other’s networks with XMPP. Not anymore, for a number of reasons. We explored some of these in our posts announcing Sameroom integrations with Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger.

Sameroom once again makes it possible to chat with Skype contacts from Messenger, and vice versa.

To try it out, follow these steps:

  1. Add your Skype and Facebook accounts to Sameroom on the Accounts Page;
  2. Connect side A on Skype with side B on Messenger by opening a Tube.

There are some limitations with both platforms—to learn more, visit the Limitations page and the FAQ.

Connecting Facebook Messenger with Google Hangouts Chat

Note: this integration is no longer available

If you find yourself switching between Messenger and Hangouts all the time and wishing you didn’t have to do that, you’re in luck!

Sameroom lets you bridge a conversation in Hangouts with a chat in Messenger.

Getting started is easy: just add your Facebook and G+ accounts on and choose your conversations for side A and B via the Open a Tube flow (top menu).

If you have any questions, ping us on Twitter: