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Announcing Integration with IRCCloud

By @abs

If you’re in the market for an IRC-based collaboration system to keep your team connected in real time, IRCCloud for teams is your poison.

With IRCCloud for teams, your team—for $5/member/month—gets a private, cloud-based IRC server with web and mobile access, unlimited history access, and premium customer support (among other things).

But, as it happens in 2016, even after setting up your bespoke, cozy, ascetic collaboration hub with IRCCloud, you’ll likely find yourself and your teammates switching around like crazy between

  • A ton of Slack teams
  • Gitter
  • Skype
  • Hangouts
  • Two HipChat teams
  • That one Twitter DM group, whatever it’s called

Our new IRCCloud integration lets you not only create real-time, 2-way "tubes" between your team channels and rooms/channels in other services, but also create Portals to your team channels, which you can use to let anyone—a partner, customer, or vendor—to connect from their team chat, simply by navigating to a URL.

Furthermore, and somewhat unexpectedly, Sameroom brings federation to IRCCloud for teams, enabling two companies, on two different IRCCloud teams, to share a channel—safely, securely, and in a way that makes lawyers happy (because both parties retain history).

"Only two?"—I hear you sighing and shaking your head in disappointment. That was just a figure of speech! You can federate between any number of companies.

(To give it a try, start here.)