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Announcing Our Integration with Planio Team Chat

Today we’ve released a new integration with Planio team chat.

Planio is an issue tracking tool for software developers. It’s based on open-source Redmine, and it includes an agile board, git hosting, and team chat based on IRC.

Team chat is a great way to surface updates to issues in your issue tracker. When you update an issue, it will show up in chat, giving you a real-time feed of what is happening in your organization.

You can now pipe those updates from Planio team chat in any of the other chat services supported by Sameroom.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect your Planio account to Sameroom on
  • Step 2: Open a Tube between the Planio chat room for Side A and the other chat service for Side B. Note that you can choose another Planio team chat channel for Side B as well.

Now, you’ll be to pipe updates from Planio Team Chat to any of the other chat services, and updates in those services will show up in the Planio Team Chat channel.

You can also share your Planio team chat with another team (where you don't have an account) via a Sameroom Portal URL. You can create a Portal URL on this page: