Need to connect a Freenode channel to a room in HipChat? Or want to give customers a simple way to connect to a channel in your Slack team?

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Sameroom - Shared Channels Across Slack Teams

By @abs

If you'd like to share a channel in your Slack team with another company on Slack, you can create a Sameroom Portal and share its URL with the other team.

Once they connect, you can just chat in the shared cahnnel. No need to switch between Slack teams, worry about data ownership (Sameroom replicates messages and files across the shared channels), or asking the other side to invite more of your people.

Here's a video that shows the setup process:


(Make sure you've your channel ready, create one first, if needed.)

  • Step 1: Go to Create-a-Portal page, click on the Slack logo, and authorize;
  • Step 2: Select your channel.

Now you can email or Skype the Portal URL to the other team and wait for them to connect. The URL is always available on your Manage page. Delete the Portal if you don't want anyone else to connect.

For a detailed discussion about all the different options for sharing Slack channels between teams, see our post on this topic.

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